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Why Should I Sweep My Parking Lot?

The parking lot typically provides entry to a business and is the very first impression given to patrons. This first impression can impact the successes of the company. We want your client or customer to have the very best impression of your establishment! 

For example: a prospective client is looking for an apartment; first view is the parking lot.  

Complex A parking lot is littered with rocks, sand, leaves, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, baby diapers, etc.

Complex B lot is clean, tidy, and well cared for.

 Which apartment would you want to do business with and expect to have the highest interest from clients?

 Appearance is not the only factor to consider when maintaining a parking lot.

  1. Dirt and sand are just as abrasive as sand paper. This type of debris will shorten the life of your asphalt and will lead to costly repairs or replacements and re-striping.
  2. Sweeping on a regular basis will reduce risks and liabilities due to slips and falls in the parking lot.
  3. Finally, there are many environmental reasons why sweeping is important; a couple of these reasons are, reduction of dirt in the air and rubbish in the environment.

A well maintained parking lot will show pride in the property, community and reduce maintenance costs. 

While frequent sweeping of the parking lot will help keep it clean, you should also consider a Day Porter Service. This service will eliminate rubbish from landscape areas, building exterior and helps to maintain the parking lots between sweepings.