The Cleanest Lots in the Rockies!

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Equipment and General Information

We have 6 “air sweeps”, 4 “broom machines”and 8 plow trucks. Different sweeper types have specific purposes and advantages for different job types.

Air sweeps have a side broom to direct debris towards the “sweeping head” on the unit. It is then drawn into the hopper in a manner very similar to the vacuum cleaner in your home. Air sweeps are great for cleaning leaves, pine needles, paper, plastic, etc.

Broom machines (Tennant) have a side broom that directs the debris towards the center of the unit where a “main broom” throws the material into the unit’s hopper. Broom machines are super on sand, heavy dirt and small rocks.

The Elgin Broom Bear operates very simalar to the Tennant, but is intended for larger jobs, such street sweeping.

We have the knowledge and expertise to bring the most efficient equipment to complete the job in a timely manner. For larger or more difficult jobs we will bring multiple vehicles.




NH 400DX Nite-Hawk


Tennant Sweeper



Broom Bear Sweeper


Tennant Sweeper







Raptor sweeper