The Cleanest Lots in the Rockies!

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Owner: Bob Sallee 

Bob was employed by Hewlett-Packard Co. / Agilent Technologies Co. in Colorado Springs for 35 years. He was responsible for all services and service management required to support a facility of 2000+ employees for more than 25 years. To support his role, he managed an annual budget in excess of $2 million.  

Bob is very familiar with the client - contractor relationship. During his career as the client, he frequently requested proposals, evaluated the contract and then selected contractors based on his evaluation.  Now being the contractor, he has not forgotten the expectations clients have of their contractors and the work that is done. He firmly believes in providing high quality and efficient services and a fair price to his clients. This belief is the key reason for the company's high customer satisfaction rating. If you are not totally pleased with the service the job will be completed again or redone were needed or to your satisfaction or the billing will be adjusted accordingly. The number one goal is to keep you satisfied with our service.


Foreman: Michael Sallee

Michael began working for A Clean Lot as a part time help employee in 2004. After graduating college in 2010 he became a full time employee as a driver, night foreman and has since been promoted to company foreman. Michael is responsible for hiring, training of employees, day-to-day operations, conducting site inspections, scheduling, proposals and quality assurance.



General Staff:

The number of general employees varies from 10-15 depending upon the season. We also supplement large jobs with temporary help.